Insecure Men: Teenage Toy (and 70 Years of Cliches)

Saul Adamczewski of the Fat White Family recently released two songs with his new band the Insecure Men.

Both songs Subaru Nights and Teenage Toy retain the core elements that made the Fat White Family successful, an understanding of rock classicism and a total irreverence that willfully blends genre over decades.

The result isn’t something that sounds futuristic but rather like contemporary music from another timeline. The Insecure Men have certain resemblances to the recent Fat White Family spinoff Moonlandingz but with a crucial difference.

Where Lias Saoudi personality lends the Fat White Family and Moonlandingz an extroverted quality, this first outing by the Insecure Men is music to listen to alone.

Though the Sam Cooke inspired HOO HAs of Subaru Nights were a pleasant surprise the song Teenage Toy with its Suicide synth sweeps and Psychic TV’s English melodic quirks stood out the most. It’s a classic pop song that reinvents cliches from the last 70 years of popular music.

The result is new, swept in the dense euphoria of its production.

In keeping with the Fat White Family and Moonlandingz, this new outing with the Insecure Men succeeds in being art without pretense.

It’s so un-rock and roll that it’s exactly what rock and roll needs.

In today’s era of rock conservatism, what’s more punk than a disco run on the bass line?